Philosophy & Testimonials

Our philosophy is based on the premise that children learn most effectively through structured play and social experiences. We believe that child centered and teacher directed curriculum work best when carefully integrated into the daily routine. Each program’s curriculum is designed to offer children many activities carefully planned to serve their developmental needs. Daily schedules consist of a combination of structured and free-time activities centered on a particular theme or concept and designed to promote gross and fine motor skills, problem solving, communication and language development, as well as social and self-help skills.

First Start takes great pride in our staff and their dedication to children. Our teaching teams offer a combined total of over 125 years of experience working with children in a childcare environment. Teachers strive to foster caring and respect for self, others and property while promoting positive behavior. Making the center an enjoyable, safe, nurturing and educational environment is our primary goal. Our Staff Development program affords teachers the opportunity to enhance their teaching credentials and professional strengths through workshops, college courses and conferences. Teachers are certified in Infant and Child CPR and Basic First Aid.

What People Are Saying About First Start

“You’ve been central to our family for so many years I can’t even write this without some tears. You’ve helped our children be loving and strong. You’ve helped to teach them right from wrong. You’ve offered them chances to learn and to grow. You’ve steadied us as parents, and helped us to know that together we’ve loved and shared these children of ours.”

– A First Start Family

“You have helped our family with what is possibly the hardest job around. You have devoted your time, energy and compassion not only to our children, but to others. It takes a special type of individual to be able to do this, and I must say you have all done it well. It’s not easy to leave your children in someone else’s care for the whole work day, but knowing that they were in able hands made leaving them easier.”

– Another First Start Family

“Because of all the experiences First Start has given him, Ryan has built up his confidence and feels secure in doing lots of things he would never do before. He has even learned to enjoy getting messy. I love the fact that he is praised for just being a kid. What I love most about your center is that you accept the children for who they are, where they have come from, what their home situation is (good or bad), and you let them be their “true self.”

– A First Start mom and her son.