Infant and Toddler Programs

Infant Program

Our Infant room is a large, sunny, well-lit room separated into a sleeping area, an awake/activity/play area, a diaper changing area and a kitchenette where bottles, baby food and meals are prepared. Your child’s first classroom has large windows, gliding rockers, strollers and a six-infant baby buggy for neighborhood walks. Your baby’s schedule is based on their individual eating, sleeping and play needs.


Personal cribs, diapers, baby food, table foods, bedding, and developmentally appropriate toys are just some of the many extras provided by First Start. Parents need only bring their baby, and their choice of formula and bottles. Of course, nursing mothers are welcome at any time.


Toddler Program

Our Mini and Toddler rooms for children 12 to 24 months and 25 to 36 months of age, offer many opportunities for children to explore their environment without compromising safety. The rooms are set up to provide a wide variety of activities and age appropriate toys – all designed to stimulate an enthusiasm for learning.


Housekeeping and dress-up areas, water tables, music tapes and story time are all part of a child’s day in our under three program. Meals are shared in our cafeteria and all the toddlers enjoy time outdoors playing, climbing and exploring their playground.