Transitional Employment and Training Program

Mission Statement

The Transitional Employment and Training Program (TET) prepares students for effective, productive, adult living. Through instruction and practice, students become competent in the independent and interdependent life skills necessary for successful participation in their communities.


The TET program is designed to evaluate and elevate the social and vocational skills of in-school students aged 14-20. The primary focus of the program is to work with motivated special needs students nearing the end of their school involvement and to assist them as they move from school to the community and workforce. This process includes pre-employment training, placement in a work environment, on going support while working, and weekly review in the classroom. The program also serves identified special education students through the development, implementation and coordination of an Individual Transition Plan as mandated by law.

Getting Started

The TET staff reviews each student’s school and work history, as well as their social skills to determine which of two classroom components will best serve the student. Staff also use feedback from the student’s teachers and family to begin to tailor a program that will help the student become more proficient in five critical skills areas. These areas are:

  • active listening
  • contributing effectively
  • accepting responsibility for behavior
  • controlling behavior, and
  • accepting critical feedback

Changing Choices Class

Younger students, 14-16, who struggle with consistently applying the five critical skills, attend the Changing Choices Class 4 days per week. In class they participate in discussions and activities related to relationships, attitudes, values, and exchange. Social and life skills are taught and practiced each week through menu planning, budgeting, shopping for, preparing, and eating a meal together. Portions of each class are also used for academic review to support each student’s academic progress. Students who demonstrate consistent mastery of the critical skills are promoted to the work experience portion of the program.

Transitional Employment Training Class

Student who can apply most of the critical skills most of the time enter the work experience component, beginning with two weeks of classroom instruction. Topics covered include job applications, job seeking, labor laws, wages and deductions, workplace expectations, and interviews. Staff assist students in obtaining or replacing missing documents required by employers. Students who successfully complete the classroom component begin part-time jobs, working at least 12 hours per week.

Students without a work history begin in a supported work experience, 3 hours per day, 4 days per week, arranged and paid for by the TET program. This allows the student to earn a training wage while practicing the work attitudes and behaviors necessary for successful employment.

Students who have prior work history or who have successfully completed TET supported work experiences obtain regular jobs in the competitive labor market.

Moving On

Students nearing the end of their secondary education are referred to NH Vocational Rehabilitation as part of their Individual Transition Plan. Graduating students complete an assisted career search, and TET staff link them with appropriate community resources for post-secondary education, job training, or job placement. All TET students leave the program with a notebook of their completed work, including reference materials used in locating, obtaining, and sustaining meaningful employment.

General Information

The program is staffed by a vocational counselor. Enrollment is limited to 12 students. The program is approved by the New Hampshire Labor Department as a Work Experience and Career Exploration Program.

Potential referrals should be directed to our offices at 450 North State Street, Concord, 225-3318. Students should be referred well in advance of the beginning of each quarter to allow for interviews, teamings, and district approvals.

For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact:

Deborah Brenner
TET Program Coordinator
450 North State Street
Concord NH 03301