Adult Learner Tutoring Services

Do you need a tutor?

The Adult Learner Services Program offers free, basic educational services for adults who for various reasons can not attend our regular classes but might benefit from one-on-one help. To enroll, our coordinator sets up an appointment that includes an assessment and help with goal setting. The person is then matched with a trained volunteer tutor. The pair meets for 2-4 hours per week at a mutually convenient time and place. All materials and on-going support are provided.


Volunteer tutors need no previous experience but are required to:

  • Attend 3 three-hour workshops. ESL 1
  • Additional inservice workshops are provided throughout the year.
  • Work with an adult learner for 2-4 hours per week for at least 6 months.
  • Maintain communication with the coordinator via phone calls or email and submit quarterly reports that log contact hours and progress towards
    the student’s goals

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Success Story

Thomas M. had several “false starts” on the road to getting his GED through Second Start. He battled depressive illness, transportation and childcare barriers, financial problems and a learning disability. The flexibility of the adult education program schedule gave Thomas a way to take time out when he needed it, and to re-enroll during better times. He worked with determination and began to pass the 5 parts of the GED test, one at a time. Through the Adult Learner Services program, Thomas was matched with a trained volunteer tutor who helped him prepare for the final section of the exam, and he passed the GED just before Christmas. At graduation that year, Thomas spoke with pride about his accomplishments and expressed gratitude to the people and supporting agencies that were there when he needed them most.

ESL Group 2